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How to Spot Inaccurate News.jpg

How You Can Spot Inaccurate News

Proven ways to detect whether web or social media news is deceptive or a hoax. Today about half of Americans get the news via Facebook, the world's largest social media site. With such data, it can filter what you see and some times filtering leads consumers to made-up news.

How Do Robocalls Work.jpg

How Do Robocalls Work?

It takes sophistication, investment and a diversity of skills to run this fraud. Here are the key steps that you need to know.

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How to Spot Fake Political Ads and Posts on Social Media

Be wary of misinformation — and disinformation — during election 2020. The campaigns are spending millions to reach people on social media, especially Facebook. They and their supporters are also sharing memes, videos and other posts to boost their candidates and disparage opponents. Because of Facebook's posture on political ads, voters should know how to separate the fake from the real to avoid being tricked.

A Coronavirus Vaccine for 50 Plus.jpg

A Coronavirus Vaccine Made for Those 50-Plus?

A top goal of researchers is preventing COVID-19 among older populations.  Medical researchers worldwide are working toward a single goal: to develop a vaccine, or vaccines, to protect us from the novel coronavirus and the disease it causes, COVID-19. The crucial puzzle piece? Ensuring it is effective in the most at-risk population — older adults.

6 Psychological Tricks of COVID-19 Scamm

6 Psychological Tactics Used by COVID-19 Scammers

Scam artists will stop at nothing to exploit the fear, social isolation and uncertainty fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to AARP's Fraud Watch Network, criminals are preying on this new vulnerability with everything from fake work-at-home jobs and fraudulent charities to money-seeking romance schemers lurking on dating sites. Other scammers include government impostors who are targeting your stimulus check.

Social Security Pay Bump.jpg

Social Security Pay Bump - 2021

Social Security checks rose by a modest amount January 2021, but at least more people will get to keep the increase thanks to a recent change in the law.

Benefit of Telehealth During the Pandemi

The Benefit of Telehealth During the Pandemic

Expanded Medicare coverage will cover virtual checkups with your doctor from the safety of your home. On March 6, the Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act was signed into law, which among other things gives the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) the authority to temporarily waive certain Medicare requirements for telehealth services. “If a Medicare beneficiary is looking for advice, they can call their doctor and receive medical direction on whether they should come into the office for an exam,”

8 Signs You've Found the Right Auto Shop

8 Signs You've Found the Right Auto Shop

How can you be assured your money has been well spent? Follow these guidelines. Here are some things to look for when hiring someone to maintain or repair your vehicle.

Rural America's Battle for Faster Intern

Rural America's Battle for Faster Internet 

Nearly 40 million households lack a quality connection, cutting them off from work, schools and more. Countless older Americans who live outside cities and suburbs continue to deal with this problem only made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic. Because it is expensive and sometimes physically unwieldy to run fiber-optic lines and coaxial cables to rural homes, many residents along the countless back roads of America lack the technology to access the full range of digital services available to the rest of us

How Online Searches Fuel Tech Support Sc

How Online Searches Fuel Tech Support Scams

Crooks pay for carefully worded ads engineered to be at the top when certain phrases are searched. Search engine companies root out fake numbers as fast as they can. But according to law enforcement experts — and growing numbers of people who have called AARP — they remain visible long enough to hook lots of victims.

99 Ways to Save Money.jpg

99 Great Ways to Save Money

Great tips for the following areas: Tips From the Chef, High-Tech Savings, Focus on Cleaning, Decorating Shortcuts, Money Manager Moves, Best Savings Tricks, Shopping Savvy, Clothing Smarts, New Savings Habits, Easy Frugality, Groceries, Clever Approaches, Home Improvement, Neighborly Advice, Garden for Less, Savings Potpourri, DIY Cost Cutters, and Beauty on a Budget.