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Sacramento Valley Chapter of Germans from Russia

This page provides a summary of the resources available at the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia and the Germans From Russia Heritage Society.
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American Historical Society of Germans from Russia (AHSGR)
AHSGR, established in 1968, is an international organization dedicated to the discovery, collection, preservation, and dissemination of information related to the history, cultural heritage and genealogy of Germanic settlers in the Russian Empire and their descendants.  They have one of the largest repositories of information on Germans from Russia in the Western Hemisphere.  All German Russian settlement regions are represented.
AHSGR Journals have been continuously produced (usually quarterly) since 1978.
AHSGR Work Papers were produced (usually 3/year) from 1969 - 1977.
A Surname Exchange enabling members researching similar names to correspond.
AHSGR Newsletters have been continuously produced (usually quarterly) since 2010.
Intended for ages 15-24, Jugend Zeitungs are continuously produced quarterly.
These are ancestor trees provided in GEDCOM format.
This project documents GR ancestor's roots in Germany - before they migrated to Russia.
The Emigration from Germany to Russia in the years 1763-1862, by Karl Stumpp.
Lists the various ancestral charts that have been purchased by AHSGR member.
Search for information in books, music, and videos.

Books and Maps, Music and Charts, Documents and Records

Village files collect information on specific villages and areas where Germans settled.
Lead the effort to manage information about a specific village or villages.
List Area Coordinators in North America.
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Germans from Russia Heritage Society (GRHS)
The Society functions as a non-profit, non-denominational, non-political organization, incorporated under the laws of the State of North Dakota. Its aims are educational and social. Its purpose is to bring together people who are interested in discovering the common history unique to Germanic-Russian ethnics and to preserve the many elements of their rich heritage.
Currently, link doesn't work.
List many of the Black Sea ares regions and villages. Also EWZ records index.
Letters from the Homeland and Sons of the Homeland.
Current library holdings detailed in a spreadsheet.
Lists Surnames, Birth and Death dates. Can order a printed copy.
An alphabetized list of all surnames (very small print)
Alphabetical listing of Villages


Ratzel, and games from Lillian Weigel.


Comparison of Anti-German Russia. Lutheran churches in Russia.

Poems, Proverbs, Sayings

Sayings and Proverbs collected by Lillian Weigel. Poems by Brother Placid Gross.


Kuchen: What's in it for me?

Traditions & Memories

Neujahr Schieber by Jim Gessele

Wine Growing in Bessarabia

Wine listings. Wine growing photographs.
Quarterly journals with a variety of in-depth articles, announcements, updates.
Published at least twice a year, newsletters provide content about events, programs, and brief articles.

Archival Records, Books, Digital Products, Heritage Reviews, Videos, Misc