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This page contains reviews about Events!!  Members share their thoughts and insights about an event. So, hopefully you find these event reviews interesting, engaging, and perhaps educational!
Dutch Hop Documentary .jpg
Dutch Hop - An in-progress Documentary on the Dutch Hop Tradition
                   Video by: Sageland Media, LLC
This is a sample of an in-progress documentary on Dutch Hop polka, a music and dance tradition of the Volga Germans. To learn more visit us at Live music provided by the The Polka-Nuts, a family of musicians featuring sisters Michele and LeRae Gaschler. Narrated by Tim Kloberdanz.
Dutch Hop Molly B Party - YouTube.jpg
Dutch Hop - "Molly B Polka Party"
                   Video by: Colorado Dutch Hop
John Fritzler Polka Band now Wayne Appelhans & The Dutch Hops on the Mollie B Polka Party. Let's Have A Party & Sully's Polka from one of our sets.
Wyoming Arts Council.jpg
"Pine Bluffs Heritage Society Dinner and Dance"      by the Wyoming Arts Council
June Dutch Hop is a music and dance tradition of the Germans from Russia that settled in Western Nebraska, Southeast Wyoming, Northern Colorado and Western Kansas at the turn of the 20th Century. Today, every weekend dances are held at community centers, private homes, Octoberfests, and elsewhere. The band consists of an accordion, a hammer dulcimer, a trombone and a bass piano. The Wyoming Arts Council produced this short video of the annual Pine Bluffs Heritage Society dinner and dance. John Fritzler and his Polka Band played.
"Valentines Day - German Style" 
Lebkuchen, Glücksschwein and Liebe, Oh My!   
by Cindi Jones
What did Valentine’s Day mean to our ancestors who lived in Russia? Well, they probably had never heard of Valentine’s Day. In fact, Valentine’s Day wasn’t “a thing” in Germany until after WWII, long after our GR relatives moved to the United States.
The Spanish Influenza.jpg
“The 1918 Spanish Flu” A Major World-Wide Pandemic
                                Review by: Lee Macklin
The Spanish flu pandemic of 1918-1919, the deadliest in history, infected an estimated 500 million people worldwide—about one-third of the planet’s population—and killed an estimated 20 million to 50 million victims, including some 675,000 Americans. 
Adolph Meier's Grandparents.jpeg
Adolph Maier's 98th Birthday Celebration
                             by Lillie Coad and Lee Macklin
June 28, 2020 was a special day as the SVCGR Chapter celebrated long standing member, Adolph Maier’s 98th birthday. There were lots of signs, snacks, and memories shared. Member Lillie Coad and Adolph are first cousins both born in the Crimea, Russia area. She shares lots of details in this article. Lee Macklin also shares a story describing how Adolph & Olga helped him solve a family mystery.