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Genealogy Education

Tips & Tricks

Many genealogy how-to articles have been written and are available on the web.  Here are some that we have chosen.
Ancestry International Guide.png
International Research Guide
More than 95 percent of Americans descent from individuals who did not live on this continent in the 18th century.  While immigration has occurred steadily since the first settlers ventured to the New World, most arrivals can be categorized into three major waves. This is a detailed step-by-step guide on where to look and how to interpret the information. Includes many photos, records and documents, as well as tips for tricky names.
Ultimate Beginner:s Guide to Genealogy.j
The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Genealogy
by DNA Testing Guides
The idea of doing genealogy research might make you cringe because you imagine yourself spending hours trapped in a library or a town hall as you dig through dusty books and tall shelves. You can now do much of the research that you like from home. What can genealogy tell you,  How to interview your family, Types of public records, and How to do genealogy research for free are just a few of the topics covered. 
Family Search Wiki.jpg
Family Search - New to Genealogy
Beginners First Steps
New to family history and ancestry research? If you are a beginner or a seasoned genealogist, take care of the time sensitive critical steps immediately and then you can take your time to learn how to set attainable goals as your genealogy experience grows. Get started at any age, see if this is something your children would be interested in, do some storytelling about your ancestors or yourself, start a project to share your family history with others.
Developing Your Research Skills
This website covers just about everything you can think of regarding genealogy research. Please check it out!!
6 Google Search Tricks for Genealogy.jpg
6 Google Search Tricks for Genealogy
by Family History Daily
Finding valuable data via Google search can be hard since there are so many sites, and so many pages of data. After typing in an ancestor’s name and a few details we often find that we’ve turned up hundreds or thousands of results, and most of them are irrelevant.  This webpage walks you through 6 hidden search tips that will help you locate your ancestors much more quickly.
NY Public Library.png
Genealogy Breakthrough Tips
by Carmen Nigro, Managing Research Librarian
After you have completed the basic steps, you may find that you still have a brick wall in the way of your research. Here are some of the next steps towards a genealogical breakthrough.
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