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German History

This page provides references to German history.
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BBC NEWS - Germany Profile
A chronological list of key events in the history of Germany from the years 800 - 1918.
Historical Events and Their Impact on German Research
An excellent source of information on German history and events. Also all kinds of research information organized by categories: Records, Background, how to read German documents, and tips for new German researchers.
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German History
German Culture website
A great source of information for all things German. Learn German, Articles, Facts about Germany, German history, and German recipes.
History of Germany
Wikipedia website
Wikipedia is an encyclopedia of information on the history of Germany. Includes Chronlology, Historirgraphy, Military History, Economic History, Women's History, Territorial Evolution, List of German Monarchs, Early History, Middle Ages, Early Modern Period, etc.
Wikipedia website
These Wikipedia pages focus on the history of the German people. A list of all the countries with German-speaking people is listed (America is the second largest - 46 million). Topics include people history, Language, Geographic Distribution, Culture, and Identity (for periods 1871 to present).