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German Lifestyle

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This page is all about the German lifestyle.
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“German Words You Need to Know for Oktoberfest" 
tripsavvy website
This website details everything you need to know to survive one of the worlds biggest parties. This includes what to wear (or not wear), what to say, what to do in certain situations, event locations, definition of terms, and lots and lots of pictures!!!
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Valentine’s Day – “German Style” 
-- Cindi Jones --
What did Valentine’s Day mean to our ancestors who lived in Russia? Well, they probably had never heard of Valentine’s Day. In fact, Valentine’s Day wasn’t “a thing” in Germany until after WWII, long after our GR relatives moved to the United States.
The German Method of Stacking Firewood 
-- Family Handyman Magazine --
German Firewood Image.jpeg
The "Holz Hausen" (wood house) is a traditional German method of stacking firewood. It is an effective way to dry wood. 
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