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Member Life Stories
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It All Happened at 405

A poem about living and raising four children at 405 W. Kaskaskia Street.

- by Freda Rentz-Macklin

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My Early Memories

These are my earliest memories of stories about growing up with my two sisters and brother in a small Kansas town.

- by Ernestine Macklin-Ramsey

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Ray Macklin's History

This is the family history story of my husband Ray Macklin going back to about 1847. 

- by Freda Rentz-Macklin

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Canning Food

Canning our food was a necessity during the Great Depression and WWII. These are my memories of learning from my mother.

- by Ernestine Macklin-Ramsey

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Learning to Drive

This is a funny story about my car accident shortly after I got my drivers license.

- by Norma Macklin-Remmert

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Testing Mother

This is a funny story about my older sister staying home from school because she was sick and I was jealous (and being a brat)!

- by Norma Macklin-Remmert

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Childhood Diseases

This is a story about all the usual childhood diseases that my sisters and others endured. I was the oldest so I often had to take care of them.

- by Ernestine Macklin-Ramsey

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