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A collection of historic recipes is important - it is a link with the past, a celebration of heritage, a symbol of a group's continuity. Cuisine is the part of an immigrant culture that survives the longest, kept up even when the ties to characteristic clothing, music, language, and certain religous activities have dimished or even been abandoned. Like family genes, it is transmitted from parent to child.

German Food & Folkways

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  • Of all the many cultural groups that make up the United States only the German Russians can claim three homelands. While emigration is a process of assimilation or at least adaptation, this ethnic group was little influenced by generations of life in Russia. Then for decades in America they retained the culture, language, foodways, work and religious values.

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Sacramento Valley Chapter of Germans from Russia

Chapter Meetings and Events Location:

      American River Community Church

      3300 Walnut Avenue, Carmichael, CA 95608



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