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All About Food Recipes

This page is all about Recipes!!  Members will be sharing their family "secrets" for the rest of us to enjoy. Go ahead, try these out.... you might just discover a really yummy dish!!

Note, click on any picture or "Recipe" to view, download, or print the recipe in PDF format.
Grama Frieda Abel .png
Bosca - Easter Bread (Handed down from Grama Abel)
by Susan Taylor
I grew up calling it Bosca, but recipes found on the internet call it Paska. It originates from the Ukraine, where my German grandmother was born. This recipe serves 8.
Cindi Jones.png
Grandma Eisenbarth’s carrot cake was an Easter favorite in our family. It was also the flavor of cake I always requested my Mom to bake for my birthday. I liked to pretend it is healthy because of the carrots...well, that’s about the only healthy ingredient. Nutrition information definitely not included. But it was always made with lots of love!
Grandma Eisenbarth's Carrot Cake by Cindy Jones
Grandma Joe.jpg
Grandma Joe's Potato Noodles by Linda Anderson
My paternal great-grandparents were born in Karlsruhe, Odessa, Russia, and my grandparents and mother were born in Dickinson, North Dakota. These noodles were a special treat when we visited my grandparents, Joseph Scheeler and Marion Elizabeth Freed-Scheeler.  All the grandkids called them Daddy Joe and Grandma Joe.
John portrait 2000 .jpg
Gnebels by John Kreutzer 
Grebbel is a traditional Volga German morning treat that might be compared to a toast stick or long doughnut. Recipes in Munjor (Krebel) and other villages include powdered sugar to be sprinkled over this golden brown delight.
Grandma Joe.jpg
Grandma Joe's Rolled Noodles, from Mommy Joe and Geri Wallachy, submitted by Linda Anderson
This recipe, a family treat, was passed down from Grandma Joe and written in multiple versions by my Aunt Geri Wallachy that I consolidated into one recipe. My mother remembered that they ate these noodles weekly when she was growing up in Billings, Montana. Aunt Geri made these noodles often for her family and always when family visited.
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