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Research & Tools

Sacramento Valley Chapter of Germans from Russia

Sacramento Valley Chapter of Germans from Russia genealogy resources include a Library Search Engine (books, journals, articles),  Genealogy Articles & Presentations, Genealogy Projects, Member Stories & Photos, and Maps. 
SVCGR Llibrary Search
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SVCGR has indexed all books in its library, all AHSGR Journals, GRHS Heritage Reviews, AHSGR CLUEs, AHSGR Jugend Zeitungs, AHSGR Workpapers and GRHS Der Stammbaums. Each type has been indexed 8 different ways: Description, Photos, Maps, Documents, Surnames, Culture, Food and Religion. All Articles within All journals are in process of being indexed via the same 8 categories. You can search across ALL books, journals, and articles and see the results within each of the 8 categories. You can also List all books, journals and articles.
SVCGR Genealogy Articles & Presentations
Macklin GR Ancestors.jpg
Lee Macklin's Germans from Russia Ancestors
Where they lived, their migration timelines, their occupations, where they landed in the U.S. Posen, Prussia, Saxony, Prussia, Bialystok, Poland, Zhitomir, Volhynia, Russia was the "old country". Includes maps and brief information about the Volhynia area, stories about their trip from Bremen, Germany to Kerrick, Minnesota plus several photos.
Lee's Master Relationship Chart (degrees
Master Relationship Chart - Genealogy + DNA
This is a master chart that shows exactly how two people are related from both Genealogy and the DNA perspectives based on your Common Ancestor and your Degrees of Separation. The amount of DNA you share for each degree of separation is clearly illustrated. 
SVCGR Genealogy Projects
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Member Research Projects
Provide historic research based on a member's Research Goal. Use provided tools like Process Logs, Timelines, Checklists, Sources, Diagrams, and Trees.
SVCGR Member Stories & Photo Galleries
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Member Stories
Stories provided by members regarding their Germans from Russia ancestors. Some photos are included in the stories, but many more are in the Photo Galleries which accompany the stories.
Photo Galleries
Some of these galleries accompany the Member Stories;  Some accompany articles in the All About Food section; while others accompany the six sections in the Share a Review area. 
German/Russian Maps
Some Maps of the GR Areas in Russia/Ukraine
Germans who immigrated to Russia mainly settled in the following areas: Bessarabia, Black Sea, Volga River, Volhynia and Siberia. Here are some maps of these respective areas.
Black Sea Cities.png