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Sacramento Valley Chapter of Germans from Russia

Sacramento Valley Chapter of Germans from Russia genealogy resources include Genealogy Articles & Presentations, Member Stories, Photos, and Maps, and a Library Search Engine (books, journals, articles). 
Sacramento Valley Chapter Villages & Surnames
Research conducted by: Linda Anderson and Linda Boehm
SVCGR members provided the names of Russian villages and family surnames from their Germans from Russia ancestors. Includes alternative village spellings and English meanings of the surnames.
Searching for My Grandfather's Records
Research conducted by: Kathy Styc
Joseph  Inez Selenski-Enhanced-Color-Restored.jpg
Steps I took while searching for my Grandfather Joseph Selensky's records on the GRHS website, Black Sear Germans website, and other sources.

NOTE: This presentation is 20mb, so you need a fast Internet connection to view it.
Enhancing Old Photos - MyHeritage
Article by Lee Macklin
14 - Mary Selenski Comparison.jpg
This how-to guide demonstrates how to use MyHeritage's photo enhancement features to improve old photos which are yellowish hue, are not quite in focus or were taken with a camera that was way lower resolution, are blurry, black & white, etc. Included are how to add color an old photo.
Enhancing Old Photos -
Article by Lee Macklin
5 - Connie, Zelma, Terry Lee (Before and After).jpg
This how-to guide demonstrates how to use Ancestry's photo enhancement features to improve old photos which are yellowish hue, are not quite in focus or were taken with a camera that was way lower resolution, are blurry, black & white, etc. Included are how to add color an old photo.
1950 Census - First Look and Tips
Research conducted by: Douglas Roth
1950 Census Logo.png
This population census was the 17th decennial census of the United States. The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has digitized the census and will provide free online access to the 1950 Census population schedules for U.S. states, enumeration district maps, and district descriptions.
Genealogy Research in Volhynia, Ukraine
Three very good resources
Ukraine Flag.jpg
For those searching for information on their ancestor in the Volhynia, Ukraine area, this article contains detailed descriptions of three very good resources.
Christmas in Volhynia
by Paul Peltz
The Volhynian Germans have a rich, deeply rooted set of traditions. The fact that this small group of people remained thoroughly German in their lifestyle in spite of Polish and Ukrainian influences was largely due to their traditions. Tradition was, so to speak, the substance holding together the Germans who once lived in Volhynia, as it linked them with other German-speaking peoples and perpetuated their German identity.
Genealogy Articles & Presentations
Macklin GR Ancestors.jpg
Lee Macklin's Germans from Russia Ancestors
Where they lived, their migration timelines, their occupations, where they landed in the U.S. Posen, Prussia, Saxony, Prussia, Bialystok, Poland, Zhitomir, Volhynia, Russia was the "old country". Includes maps and brief information about the Volhynia area, stories about their trip from Bremen, Germany to Kerrick, Minnesota plus several photos.
Lee's Master Relationship Chart (degrees
Master Relationship Chart - Genealogy + DNA
This is a master chart that shows exactly how two people are related from both Genealogy and the DNA perspectives based on your Common Ancestor and your Degrees of Separation. The amount of DNA you share for each degree of separation is clearly illustrated. 
German/Russian Maps
Some Maps of the GR Areas in Russia/Ukraine
Germans who immigrated to Russia mainly settled in the following areas: Bessarabia, Black Sea, Volga River, Volhynia and Siberia. Here are some maps of these respective areas.
Black Sea Cities.png
History of Ukraine
A Germans from Russia Perspective
by Wayne Garman
The recorded history of Ukraine spans some one thousand years. Rich natural resources, especially for agriculture, are plentiful across its landscape. Over the centuries, these resources, along with Ukraine's location, have made it a target of neighboring empires. Ukraine's history is one of much tragedy and sadness. Our German ancestors who lived there were significantly affected by Ukrainian history. This presentation will cover the following topics:​
  • Ukraine geography & geopolitical situation

  • Middle Ages: Kyivan-Rus state, Mongol invasion, Polish Lithuanian empire

  • Romanov dynasty

  • Expansion of the Russian Empire to the northern shores of the Black Sea

  • Invitation to farmers to settle the newly conquered territories

  • Ukraine development in the 1800s: Abolishment of serfdom, Codex of the Colonists

  • World War I, the Russian Revolution and civil war

  • Collectivization and famine

  • World War II

  • Crimea to Ukraine

  • 1991 Independence

  • Recent developments of Ukraine, relations with Russia

Traveling to America in Steerage
by Phil Goldfarb
Whether to admit or deport our ancestors?  A presentation describing the reasons for mass immigration to America, major Europea embarkation ports, steamship companies, traveling to the port, history of ship regulations, timeline of travel, Passenger Act of 1855, crossing the Atlantic, who was responsible for the passengers, top 10 ports of arrival and approximate numbers of immigrants, steamship line profitability, details of the immigrants aboard the ships, processing immigrants into Ellis Island, passing the medical exam, Ellis Island Chalk Markings, the final test, processing the Steerage passengers, the "trick questions", beyond Ellis Island, Dillingham Commission of 1909. 
Wedding Celebration in Sarata, Bessarabia
by Allen E. Konrad
The wedding celebration is fundamentally one of the best loved celebrations, since it is the means whereby friends and relatives, who seldom get to see each other throughout the year, come together. For the children it has to do with the desire for a lot of good food.  The young like the favorable opportunity to take part in the entertainment and to get acquainted with youth from other areas.
Sacramento Valley Chapter Library Search
Search Index.jpg
SVCGR has indexed all books in its library, all AHSGR Journals, GRHS Heritage Reviews, AHSGR CLUEs, AHSGR Jugend Zeitungs, AHSGR Workpapers and GRHS Der Stammbaums. Each type has been indexed 8 different ways: Description, Photos, Maps, Documents, Surnames, Culture, Food and Religion. All Articles within All journals are in process of being indexed via the same 8 categories. You can search across ALL books, journals, and articles and see the results within each of the 8 categories. You can also List all books, journals and articles.  (NOTE: Search Library is not available if using a smart phone device).
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