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Other Germans from Russia Website Resources

There are Germans from Russia genealogy resources on many website.  Here are some that we have chosen.
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GRHC North Dakota State University
The GRHC has a wealth of information available for Germans from Russia.  Following are many of their resources.
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Family Search
This is one of the world's largest sources of genealogy information. Here are some that pertain to Germans from Russia research.
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Black Sea German Research
This site has an extensive, searchable database including many maps and photos. There are hundreds of villages to view each with its own link -- way, way too many to list here!! This site simply has a wealth of information.
Odessa - A German Russian
Genealogical Library 
This site has a large number of collections and articles.  A few are listed below.
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The Volga Germans - (now Family Search)
This website was maintained by Concordia University in Portland, OR. It is closing and transferring all materials to the Family Search Library in Salt Lake City. However, for now they are still available on this website
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The Volga Germans - Blog by Maggie Hein
This blog is an addition to the Center for Volga German Studies. Maggie provides many wonderful posts and discussions on a variety of topics.
University of Alberta
The Volga Germans - University of Alberta
This website provides a brief history of the Volga Germans and details on their settlements. Population numbers as well as a breakdown of religion numbers is listed. A timeline description is stated as well as settlement information in Canada.
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Library and Archives of Canada - Russian
Provides information on genealogy and family history of Russians living in Canada. Provides a timeline and describes events that resulted in the immigration. Provides research sources as well as other links.
Society for German Genealogy in Eastern
Society for German Genealogy in Eastern Europe
Provides a master pedigree database, emigration lists from Germany to Poland and Prussia. Contains Volhynia/Kiev area vital records.
Gluckstal Colonies Research Association.
Gluckstal Colonies Research Association
Provides research, maps, publications and history of the Black Sea Area Gluckstal colonies.
Germans from Russia Settlement Locations
Germans from Russia Settlement Locations
Based on Google Maps, this website provides a lot of details regarding all of the Germans from Russia settlements including Volga, Black Sea, Volhynia, Siberia, Bessabarbia, and many others.
Volga German (Kevin Rupp)
Census Books (Russian), Family Genealogies, Parish Records, plus lots of information on villages. Check out the Research Material and Villages menus.
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German Roots: Finding Passenger Lists
and Immigration Records 1820-1940s
Arrival U.S. ports from Europe, passenger list indexes by port and arrival time. New York, Baltimore, Boston, Galveston, New Orleans, Philadelphia, others.