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Catherine the Great's Manifesto

The Germans from Russia story begins in 1762 the Manifesto issued by Russia's Catherine the Great. Migrations of Germans to Russia were many and by the end of the 19th century, there were about 1.8 million Germans living in Russia. By 1872, the Germans in Russia began to emigrate to the United States and Canada. 

This is the Sacramento Valley Chapter of Germans from Russia. Chartered by AHSGR and GRHS national organizations.

Research Your Heritage

This is a local non-profit educational organization primarily engaged in researching Germans from Russia history. Volunteers and staff at both the Chapter and National levels search for information, translate and develop a store-house of knowledge useful to current and future generations.

Note, many of the programs are designed to be of interest to broader audiences. In particular, the many Genealogy and DNA based presentations, and Social Events are very educational, mostly generic, for spouses and other non Germans from Russia.

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Brief Chapter History

The American Historical Society of Germans from Russia was formed in 1968.

The Sacramento Valley Chapter was chartered by AHSGR in 1974. 

In 1995, AHSGR chartered the California District Council as a California-wide governing body consolidating all Northern, Central, and Southern California chapters under it.

The former Sacramento Chapter of GRHS merged with the AHSGR SVC chapter November 2018. New Officers and Board members were elected December 2018 which consisted of members from both local organizations. The name changed to Sacramento Valley Chapter of Germans from Russia (SVCGR) as the result of new merged organization.