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DNA Articles & Presentations

This DNA page lists many DNA presentations that include what DNA is and how it works, how to analyze your DNA results, and other very useful articles,  presentations, and reference charts and diagrams..
DNA Articles by Lee Macklin
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DNA Ethnicity Estimations
Describes the two-step process used by DNA testing companies to determine where your ancestors came from. Discusses the importance of Reference Panels, group probabilities, and DNA segment comparisons.
AncestryDNA - Initial Steps
Describes the important steps you need to do when taking the AncestryDNA test to get the most information from your DNA results.
DNA Presentations by Lee Macklin
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AncestryDNA's ThruLines
ThruLines is a wonderful app that integrates your DNA results with tree views that show exactly how your DNA matches are related to you. It is a great way to discover new ancestors to fill in your tree. You can see if DNA supports the positions of people in your tree and it can help solve adoptions and half-cousin situations. 
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Cousins Genealogy + DNA
This presentation defines and analyzes the different types of cousin relationships. It describes in detail the two most important concepts: Common Ancestors and Degrees of Separation. It defines the amount of DNA you share with each type of cousin relationship: Full Cousins, Half-Cousins, Removed Cousins, and Double Cousins
Analyzing Your AncestryDNA Results
This presentation describes in detail how to interpret your AncestryDNA results. It presents the key concepts, then uses actual examples to illustrate each of the important steps to get the most out of your test results. Shows how to combine your genealogy work with DNA to get the best results. Provides charts showing the amounts of DNA you share with each type of relative. Describes all the main features that AncestryDNA apps offer. 
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DNA - The Basics of Life
Exactly what is DNA?  Where does it come from? How much do we share we all other humans? How does our body carry out its DNA instructions? What makes us different? What is the Human Genome?  What is a Gene? How are Chromosomes related to DNA? How is our sex determined? 
DNA - 23andMe Medical
Which health reports does 23andMe provide?  Will 23andMe results show which diseases I am at risk for? Which traits am I DNA-programmed for? Which diseases am I putting my children at risk for? Will my DNA results include detailed descriptions of the diseases I am at risk for as well as possible treatments, solutions and mitigations?
DNA and Alzheimer's
What is Alzheimer's? What are its key characteristics? What are its different stages? How many people are affected by Alzheimer's versus other leading diseases? Who provides major research funds? What are the major risk factors? What are the treatments and outcomes? What is the primary Alzheimer's Gene? What can we do?
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Our Fortunetelling Genes
Our ability to read the genetic blueprint of individuals and to predict, from birth, their psychological dispositions is growing by the day.” DNA also accounts, on average, for about 50% of our differences in psychological traits and personality, mental health and illness, and cognitive ability and disability. Polygenic (“many genes”) scores are the stuff of the coming DNA revolution in psychology. 
DNA Articles by 
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How  DNA Testing has Helped Family Tree
How DNA Testing Has Helped Family Tree Accuracy
This is a very good primer on how DNA can help fill out your family tree. DNA is in a unique position when helping to solve those mysteries in your tree as well as discover new family members and branches. It states reasons why you want to take more than one DNA test and which family members should get tested. It discusses how accurate DNA tests are and how you can trace your family's migration patterns. Are some DNA tests better than others based on your ethnicity? Some recommended best family tree apps.